Hole 1

Par 4/5 

Birdies are rare on this demanding #1 handicap hole. The pond on the right has snared many errant drives, so stay on the left side of the fairway. On your second shot, don't go too far right; it's out of bounds there. The large green breaks subtly to the left. 

Yards HCP
432 1
427 1
356 14


Hole 2

Par 4/5 

The inside of this dogleg right is guarded by trees, making this hole a slicer's nightmare. The critical second shot is to a fairway that narrows to a concave shaped green with the Jordan River lurking directly behind it. 

Yards HCP
398 5
388 5
278 6


Hole 3

Par 5 

On this picturesque par 5, leave nothing in the bag off the tee. On your second shot you can either test your nerves and carry the marsh or lay up. If you make it over the hazard, you have a great chance for a birdie on this flat green. 

Yards HCP
530 11
520 11
368 4


Hole 4

Par 3 

This first par 3 is no bargain. A mid iron to an elevated green guarded by two bunkers is a stern test for all seeking par. The puzzling breaks on this large green have been the cause of many broken putter shafts.


Yards HCP
166 13
156 13
147 18


Hole 5

Par 4  

A mammoth drive between the two fairway bunkers rewards the aggressive player on this nail-biter of a par 4. A high, soft approach shot is ideal to this deceiving green that slopes toward you. 
Yards HCP
412 4
402 5
323 8


Hole 6

Par 4/5  

Crush a drive and you could end up at the bottom of a hill with no view of the green. A 3-wood is best off this tee, leaving you a wide open second shot to a large flat green with birdie written all over it.


Yards HCP
413 8
408 8
402 2


Hole 7

Par 4  

The challenge on this majestic par 4 is in setting up the best approach angle to the green. Come in from the left and you must climb over a tall maple with a long iron. From the right side, a large dogwood comes into play. The enormous green has seen numerous three putts.
Yards HCP
378 12
368 12
298 12




Hole 8

Par 3  

This very difficult par 3 features an elevated green guarded by bunkers. Bail out by hitting it short and straight. Be wary on this undulating green; countless front nine matches have been closed out here.
Yards HCP
180 10
172 10
163 16


Hole 9

 Par 4 

There is no trouble off the tee on this very deceptive par 4. But the
fairway narrows as you approach this green guarded by a pair of bunkers.
Your putting prowess will be on display in front of the clubhouse when you reach this make or break green.


Yards HCP
353 15
343 15
290 10


Hole 10

 Par 4  

Do not go left off the tee on this long par 4 or you'll be up to your knees in stick-ums. Slice to the right and you could be under a birch. Don't be long on your second shot either as this elevated green drops off sharply to a pond. 
Yards HCP
443 7
428 7
375 7


Hole 11

 Par 3 

There are no tricks on this scenic, straightforward par 3. It's best to land on the left side of the green for your birdie attempt. Be sure to take in one of the best views on the course. Look for the bald eagles hunting for prey over the bay. 
Yards HCP
165 17
155 17
143 17

Hole 12

 Par 4 

You can leave this treacherous par 4 with an easy birdie or a snowman. Blister a drive down the pike and you're looking at no more than a wedge home to a wide, shallow green guarded by a pot bunker front right.


Yards HCP
305 16
295 16
203 13


Hole 13

 Par 5 

This long par 5 won't be forgotten at the 19th hole. The pond on the right has swallowed many sliced drives. Use the left fairway bunker as a target on your second shot. If you carry it, you will have an ideal approach angle to a green with out of bounds behind it. 
Yards HCP
599 6
589 6
503 1

Hole 14

 Par 4 

Annihilate this tee shot and you should easily get home in two. Two putt this large flat green and you'll be inscribing par on your scorecard. This game is so simple!
Yards HCP
384 9
374 9
269 9


Hole 15

 Par 4 

This dastardly, deceiving hole is one even Ben Wright would be proud of. Split the bunkers on your drive and you're looking at a wedge in. The large bunker on the right guards the small, perplexing green, a scene of some violent exhibitions! 
Yards HCP
333 18
318 18
251 11


Hole 16

Par 4 

Don't get greedy off the tee or you could be fishing in the creek for your drive. Lay up short of the water with your 3-wood. Then say a couple of "Hail Mary's" and drill a grandiose second shot to the elevated green protected by a bunker on the left. 
Yards HCP
415 3
405 3
322 3


Hole 17

Par 3  

This insidious par 3 has given up its share of hole-in-ones and snowmen or worse. The two-tiered green is guarded by a deep bunker on the right. The bunker and woods beyond have ended all too many matches. 
Yards HCP
163 14
158 14
148 15


Hole 18

Par 3  

Accuracy off the tee is critical on this monster finishing hole. Slice your drive and you're out of bounds, hook it left and you might find a small creek. Second shot options: lay up short of the creek or try to hammer one over it. Third shots to this elevated green usually end up short, so take an extra club.
Yards HCP
611 2
544 2
396 5
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